norbert walter peters
composer• sound artist
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(Photographer: Martin Georg Peters, 2006)

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2014 Danmark Radio
'Ly til nyt' - online
"dépôt de beau songe"
(Deutschlandradio Berlin 2010)
"beau - An Electric Fayerie"
(festival MOUVEMENT 2009)
(on air since december 21st)
  A beautiful dream of Hendrix
(The english translation of the Danish text on
the domain of the Danish Radio):
2010 December, 21st, 2:51 p.m.,
P2 - second program,
The German composer Norbert Walter Peters has
written a tribute to Jimi Hendrix - his first major
musical inspiration: he was fascinated by the great
energy of Hendrix's music. Peters was 16 years old,
when Hendrix died.

Later, it occurred to him that Hendrix was a kind
of flaneur, as well as Charles Baudelaire. The two
strolled through the streets and were inspired by
their respective city.

- Hendrix was pathbreaking for both, pop- and
electronic music.. He worked very experimental,
a bit like Frank Zappa, Norbert Walter Peters says.

Baudelaire and Walter Benjamin
Later Peters was even impressed by the
composer Anton Webern, who is allocated in the
history of music, to the ‚Second Viennese
School’ (that means, composers who studied
with Arnold Schoenberg).

Beau Songe means ‚beautiful dream’. In this
title Peters uses texts by Baudelaire, about who
the author Walter Benjamin has written. It is
especially a small section of a poem by
Baudelaire, from which Norbert Walter Peters
was inspired (here translated as):

„In its immortal heart, which would always like
to bloom, she [the sun] commands to the seeds
to grow and to blossom.“

- This quote is also a cornerstone of my entire
artistic work, Norbert Walter Peters says, who
also works as a Visual- and a Sound Artist.

A kind of trance situation
'Beau’ has been realized as a radio
event, but could also be experienced as a live
concert. On this web page you can hear a
recording of the German Radio in
Saarbruecken. Peters is to hear with his
voice on the tape. More background noise is
arranged by: drums, electric bass, electric cello
and electric modified clarinet.

The music seems meditative. In the harmonic
sense it is the place for long time-spaces and
for creating a kind of trance situation. The musical
work ‚Dépôt de beau songe’ makes use of other
elements. Here, Norbert Walter Peters steps into
the world of neurology. The voices of aphasic
diseased people are carried (that means, patients
who have lost the ability to speak, often as a
result of a stroke).

Listen to the music on this web page.
Norbert Walter Peters was born in 1954 and
studied at the Academy of Music in Aken,
Germany. He was a guest lecturer at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Saarbruecken, where
he has taught, among other things, ‚Composition
and Spatial Experience’.
2007-2010 "The neuronal iteration is already in itself
an artistic, minimalistic structured process."
Result of an present extensive recherche
- and further:
" ... Consciousness develops thus from the
mixture of stored past experiences with also
again arriving present activities (inputs), and
consequently the process is dynamic …
An input has released a plurality of coherent
activities. This trigger process raises the
original input to something, appearing and
bearing itself to a completely new phase. It is
like a skater, as soon as he is on the ice, he
easily gone-sliding, while before on his way
there he has moved completely clumsily in his ice
skates. The initial clumsyness is those of
preprocessing, which is still closely linked with
the input, that caused it; just if the ice is
reached – the consciousness is arised –, a
certain degree of autonomy is obtained, owing
to those the neural activity is able to move
exempt from the frictional resistance of the
(John G. Taylor, neuro scientist, quoted in
Slavoj Zizek, Parallax, 2006)

Artistic results of this recherche:
(electronics, 2008)
(imaginary score #18, 2008)

dépôt de beau songe
(ars acoustica, 2007/09, FP 2010)
• depot
(solo percussion, 2009)
• imphrontal - urban brain zone
(sound installation, 2008)

imphrontal - impronta
(imaginary score #19, 2008)

imphrontal - miniature
(string quartet, 2008, FP 2009)
imphrontal - miniature electronics
(electronics, 2008,
FP 2009-12-05 'ars sonora' RNÉ)

imphrontal - Sextett
for string quartet, double bass,
percussion, 2010

„And if two nerve cords touch each other,
it comes to violent discharges: Here
chemical messengers are produced, there
hectically flashing electrical impulses are
disposed, absorbed from the neighbour
and posthasted transferred, hunted
through the jungle of neurons like
flickering lightnings.“
DIE ZEIT-Bildungskanon No. 24
„In the labyrinth of thinking“,
2008-04-03, No. 15
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